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How to choose the cannabis strain that's best for you

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Where to start? With so many options on the shelves 'where to even begin? I guess the first thing I should ask is; what are you looking to gain from your smoking experience? Ultimately that's going to be the driving factor behind your decision. Looking to chill? Pain relief? Trouble sleeping? looking to get blitzed out of your mind and watch YouTube? All these are viable reasons.

Here is how you choose

Okay first off... STOP STRESSING! This is supposed to be a pleasant experience so don't sweat it. Okay so lets start off simple here, just the basics. There are 3 main types of cannabis you'll routinely see when buying the devils lettuce. Below I will give a general break down of all three.

Indica: Body high

pain relief

sleep aid


appetite stimulator

best for night time

Sativa: Best for day time

head high




increased energy

Hybrid: A combination of the other two types but varies depending on the individual strain.

What strain should you choose?

Okay so you've narrowed it down to a single type now here comes the fun part. You now get to sort through the endless amounts of wonderful strains out there. Choosing a strain can be hard but it should be fun. Remember that if the one you choose this time isn't exactly your thing, take it as a learning experience on your path to the perfect strain. There are a variety of factors you should keep in mind when choosing the perfect green stuff.

Factors such as: Price

THC content



quality of the product

where it was grown.

These among many others can sway your choice. Here's the thing; who cares? Smoking weed is supposed to be a relaxing experience. Find something that sounds like a good fit for you and try it out! Don't over think it.


Do some research and have some fun making your decision. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns before smoking cannabis and HAVE A GOOD FREAKING TIME EH!



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