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With everything I'm currently working on I still find myself lacking the necessary motivation to get many of the things Id like to get done, done. Too many 'dones'? Okay I'm done.

Carrying on here with my little un-motivational rant. The last year I've managed to gain some decent traction behind the small projects I've started but I can't help but wonder where Id be if I had a spectacular amount of hustle. Would I be any farther ahead if I logged a few more hours a week? Probably yeah. That's the truth and it hurts me to hear it too.

Why are we lazy?

Are you asking me? Okay cool. Ill try to shed some light on it from my amateur perspective. So! While doing the very minimum research for this blog I came across a large array of reasons why humans, in general tend to lean towards the easier option or the option that allows for no effort at all. These reasons varied from: genetic makeup to lack of discipline. It really made me realize that everybody has their own reason to be unmotivated but everyone also has the same opportunity to make stuff happen. So what does that mean? I think what I have taken away from all this is that if an unmotivated person is looking for some ambition, the best person to give you that is yourself.

How to get motivated.

"How do I get motivated?" That is the golden question. The truth is, I don't have all the secrets. There isn't one answer. It seems like everybody has their own methods to get up and going. As I find myself on my own journey into accomplishing my goal I also find myself lacking in motivation at times. Even though this is something that makes me happy I still find it hard to get stuff done sometimes. Why? it seems natural to me. So what methods do I use to fight the itch to lounge? Usually I'm able to push myself just enough to get rolling and the momentum will do the rest. I will admit I've used tools to motivate myself. Motivational speeches, music and other various content. Sometimes ya just need a hand. Find what motivates you and use it to your advantage. Let that motivation fuel whatever you want to accomplish and keep in mind that you aren't always going to be motivated and that's okay. Just try and keep that hustle going!


Find something that you love and do that. Success doesn't have to be attached to financial gain. Doing something you care about feels way better than trying to profit off something you don't care about.



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